Me, Jérémy Marchand

32 years old, Brest - Brittany - France

Software engineer and UI Designer.


Fascinated by new technology and computers, I became software engineer. I particularly love Apple systems, web and Multi-touch devices in general. End of 2012, I quit my job and decided to become an independent to devoting myself entirely on my own projects.


One of my favorite hobbies is to create graphics. I draw icons, mascots and various illustrations by using different technics and styles. In part of this activity, I love to discover artist creations (UI design, illustration, painting), I spend a lot of time on Dribbble to admire their works.

Frameworks and tools used to build this website

Cake PHP

This folio is based on CakePHP framework, a rapid development framework for PHP (Object Oriented) that provides extensible architecture with the help of several libraries.


The JavaScript contents is powered by jQuery and third-parties addons. This framework offers a large choice of method, especially for adding some effects adn dynamism to website.


This site is written in full HTML5&CSS3. All the layout is based on CSS styles and doesn't use any images. To achieve that, I use LessCSS and some elements of Twitter's Bootstrap.